Portals of Ions

While crafting my artwork and composing poetry, I progressed to create and compose music inspired by

curiosity, interpretations and processes from my artwork and poetry. My musical compositions became

inspirations to craft artwork and compose poetry. I founded Portals of Ions, an experimental musical

project of musical interstices and interpretations from ancient, medieval and renaissance periods in

human history, interlinked with improvisations in folk, dark country and no-wave musical genres.

My musical journey corresponded with my handcrafted artwork and poetry in an abstract form.

I experiment with how the spectrum of emotions corresponds harmoniously with music by

performing on musical instruments and producing musical compositions, accents and

harmonics. According to scientists, over 34,000 distinctive human emotions

are discovered so far, an area of curiosity and a particular interest

in my creative research practice and research outputs.

Artwork no. 7 titled 'The James Webb Telescope and a Universe of Emotions', no. 8 titled 'Mosaic Ying and

Yang' and the poem and musical song titled 'Compass of Silence and Pain' are instances of how frequently

these interconnections in my practice have been occurring. Detailing this interconnection, the duration of

emotions felt at the time of events in life varies from one event to another, while musical pieces vary

from one music piece to another when performed. I continue to experiment with this phenomenon

between emotions and music with a deep curiosity, specifically, synchronising musical notes that

correspond with each emotion felt based on duration, intensity, depth and breadth of events

in life experiences. This approach felt right when composing music that corresponded

with emotions, life experiences and handcrafted artwork and poetry. As a result,

it led me to explore further avenues for communicating my findings. My focus is to

continue to create this interplay and depict how an emotion feels and for how long an

emotion will last at any point in time. It may range from the split second of experiencing

that emotion to lengthier ranges in time, interlinking with musical notations from my musical

performances. Final Intermission Vol. 3 was released on 11 November 2023, an extensive and

progressive project from Intermission Vol's 1 and 2. I continue to explore my curiosity by expanding

my art creation channels, incorporating inspiration from my handcrafted 'Retro Collection' to produce

and compose visual motions with visual and musical compositions. I created the visual motion collections:

'Portal Station' and 'Constellation Stations'. Dossiers of Solace Tales is a compilation of my poetry and a

correlation of my creative practices. Listen to Intermission Vol. 1 & 2 and Final Intermission Vol. 3 and

read experiences of meditative escapes and esoteric journeys of suspense and in Dossiers of Solace Tales.

Portals of Ions acoustic guitar avant garde experimental  dark country music albumPortals of Ions acoustic guitar avant garde experimental  dark country music album

© Jay Horan Art

Album cover photography and artwork by Jay Horan

Location: Tyne Street, Invercargill, New Zealand

Intermission Vol. 1 released on 10 February 2023

Intermission Vol. 2 released on 15 April 2023

Crafted, written and performed by Jay Horan

on the acoustic guitar

Recorded, mixed

and mastered by Jesse Wilde

at Wilde Records Recording Studio/Studio 38

Intermission Vol. 1 and 2