Work no. 2, 600 mm diameter, 2022

Diamond Collection, Jay Horan

According to the terminology used by jewellers, the word ‘brilliance’ refers to the optical properties of how white light reflects within and off a diamond and determines its beauty, sparkle and brightness, and by extension, its price. The form of a diamond gemstone is not perfect in its initial state, not before being professionally cut. Diamonds, which are pure carbon, are the hardest known substance on Earth. Nothing can scratch a diamond except another diamond. That makes diamonds desirable as jewellery and in numerous industrial applications. A diamond undergoes a vigorous process during its formation, involving high pressure and temperature, while rigorous cutting procedures allow it to reach its perfect, alluring state of beauty. The harsh environments and processes a diamond experiences correspond with how our lives are lived – we experience turbulence and volatility, shaping us to grow and become who we are. Subsequently, the diamond shape represents strength in this art piece. The hardness of the diamond represents our resilience, the durability of the diamond represents our perseverance, and the glowing effect of the diamond represents our fortitude.

Written by Jay Horan


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