‘Eighteen Earths’ – newly discovered worlds that fall into the category of Earth-sized planets. Scientists detected these planets in 2019, the smallest of which is only 69 per cent of the size of Earth, while the largest is approximately twice the Earth’s radius. The transit least-squares (TLS) algorithm method used by the scientists in discovering the planets was a milestone in astrophysics and astronomy. The discovery of these planets inspired the artwork, depicting a galaxy with a sun/star orbited by eighteen planets and their moons, including various-sized stars and other planets. The reflective effects represent an abstract artwork of the TLS method used.

In 2023, I presented an abstract of the art piece 'Eighteen Earths - Abstract Handcrafted Artwork and Literature'', session 'Artistic Expressions: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Creativity' at the London Arts-Based Research Centre 'Science and Sensibility Conference', London, United Kingdom, 22-24 September 2023.

by Jay Horan


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Eighteen Earths

eighteen earths by Jay Horan - Celestial Collection
eighteen earths by Jay Horan - Celestial Collection

Work no. 2, 600 mm diameter, 2021

Celestial Collection, Jay Horan