Work no. 3, 900 mm x 600 mm, 2021

Celestial Collection, Jay Horan

Creating this piece was inspired by how connected we

are to our environments and surroundings and

how planets in star systems are linked.

For Earth, it refers to our solar system centred on our Sun star.

The significant features are the sharp and curved corners of the roots,

representing unknown paths, we take during our lifetimes, some sudden and

erratic, others not. These movements depict how life often does not turn out how we

want or plan. We are pulled into paths in our lives that, no matter what we do to

try to change them, we eventually wind up following, playing out the course

of events, much like planets in our solar systems do. Crafting this piece

was deeply meditative, cutting and applying each piece to the

substrate weaving each emotion and thought from the past,

present and projected future resulting in discoveries

in expressing and communicating emotions and experiences.

The findings led me to explore new channels in the creative arts and deeper

connections to my ancestral roots. The piece inspired the creation of

Stellar NGC 4833, work no. 6. and Tribal Roots, work no. 1 and i vessel, work no. 2


༺ i sustain what i engrain ༻

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Celestial Roots