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welcome to my website and art channels,

a navigation and a sensorial journal experience.

i craft art, music, poetry and several experimental projects applying

traditional creative methods and tools to transform interpretations. i experiment

with creative practices as a means to process and reprocess emotions and interpretations from life

experiences, dreams, artefacts, cultures, folklore, symbols, the sciences and natural environments. i intercept

senses from the unseen, intriguing my curiosity, inquiry and learning from new, unconventional discoveries

and expeditions. my art channels guide me to demystify, translate and communicate the transdisciplinary

fusions in my creative practices from my travels between the far east and the far west. the creative

freedom enables me to experiment with the creative process, producing interweaving fusions in

my creative projects. my creative freedom guides me to experiment between realities and

surrealism while journalising my expeditions in publications and academic research

outputs. you are welcome to navigate and explore my art channels to learn

about the research and personal journeys from my creative projects,

navigate the collections from unsensed worlds and explore

interweaved sensorial journal excavations of fusion,

surrealism and correlations between

my creative practices,


by imagination,

dreams and emotions.


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Jay Horan


flow of the moon cover for dossiers of solace talesflow of the moon cover for dossiers of solace tales