Tribal Roots

Work no. 1, 400mm diameter, 2023

Mosaic Grains Collection, Jay Horan

Crafting Tribal Roots transpired during my expedition at Wadi Rum in 2023, also known as 'Valley of the Moon', an ancient protected region in Jordan. Tribal Roots was inspired by crafting Celestial Roots and Flow of the Moons, and composing Intermission Vo. 1 and 2 and Final Intermission Volume 3 . The correlation of the creative practices led to completing Dossiers of Solace Tales and presenting my research paper 'Intangible Artefacts from Triangulating Art, Music and Poetry', at the conference 'Surrealism and Arts-Based Research: Bridging the Imagination and Reality Divide', in the 'Surrealist Brushstrokes: Multidimensional Expressions' session at the London Arts-Based Research Centre, 12-13 December, 2023.

Further research continues into the correlations and interlinks between Tribal Roots and my creative practices.