Portals of Ions

Released at 11:11:11 on 11-11-2023

Composed by Jay Horan on the Banjo Guitar,

Electric Guitar and Electric Bass Guitar

Drums Composed by Robin Stone



The Final Intermission Volume 3 is a correlated fusion between two extreme forces, each force represents several correlated creative works.

The 'Mosaic Ying and Yang' work no. 8 (Celestial Collection), the Experimental Project 1.4 Short Subject 'a streaming domain'

in the Portal Stations collection and music from Intermission Volumes 1 and 2, inspired recording Final Intermission Vol. 3.

The interlinked quadrangulation of my creative practices, handcraft art, music, poetry, and videography enabled me

to interpret and communicate how forces and emotions fluctuate between Ying and Yang. Creating the

Short Subject consisted of collating elements from my art practices and expressing the

raw emotions and interpretations from my poetry, written and

published in my book 'Dossiers of Solace Tales'.


Song No. 2 and Music Video: 'a beaming portal'

Inspired by my earlier acoustic work from Song No. 3

'Portals of Ions (acoustic version)' in 'Intermission Vol. 1'. 

Interlinking both inspirations with the compositions

causing fusions of an extreme antithesis with

Song No. 1 'a streaming domain'

in Final Intermission Volume 3.

While writing and composing Song No. 2,  I was also inspired to create a correlation with my poem 'a beaming portal'. I felt fusions from the correlation between the resilience and freedom expressed in my poem. A high tempo of 220 beats per minute felt right for the theme to perform and express the intense and shadow emotions. I correlated the experience by performing and recording my electric guitar track at 220bpm, exceeding the speed level from the original Song No. 3 of the Intermission Vol. 1. I recorded both tracks at Wilde Records Recording Studios, Studio 38. Jesse Wilde recorded, mixed and mastered the tracks. Robin Stone wrote and recorded his drum performance based on my guitar track recording. The drum tracks aligned with precision with the theme of the song. This was a significant highlight in the project when the tracks were mixed at the studio, the fusion was correlating with the poem and artwork. This was followed by recording my performance on my bass guitar. I created a mix of effects and additional edits in the final part of Song No. 2 to extend correlation and fusion experimentations. Creating new effects on the tracks after recording at the studio, I mixed reduction effects to the studio tracks of the song while creating intervals and slow-motion effects on my mixing tool platform to communicate the personal journey. Editing the video recordings took me several months to complete the music video, combining both songs into one music video correlating the artwork with visual effects that represent the theme of my creative practices.  Interlinking with the Portal Stations and Constellation Stations collections. I reprocessed the experiences, sensing tranquillity, life, death, chaos and harmony clashing together, and interlinked with the recalled experiences when I created work from the Retro Collection. I sensed silent emotions clashing with shadow emotions, recalling experiences of the Celestial Collection and Tribal Roots. Both songs correlated with my handcrafted artwork Mosaic Ying and Yang in the Celestial Collection and poems in the Ying Yang Collection in 'Dossiers of Solace Tales'.

Final Intermission Vol. 3

Song No. 1 with Music Video: 'a streaming domain'

was inspired by my travels to Far East Asia since 2016.

I wrote the composition of the piece on the Banjo instrument while crafting artwork on the head of the

Banjo. I performed the piece at a slower, free-flow tempo. This provided me with a platform

to communicate the interpretation to express emotions of solace and hope. The first

part of the song was inspired by traditional ancient Chinese folk music. The

second part is my compositions inspired by my experiences from

travelling to ancient sites, where I experienced emotions

of solace and hope, which guided me to compile and

compose my poems in 'Dossiers of Solace Tales'.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jesse Wilde

at Wilde Records Recording Studio

Studio 38