Mosaic Ying and Yang

Work no. 8, 600 mm diameter, 2022

Celestial Collection, Jay Horan

Triangulation of handcraft artwork, poetry and musical composition.

Excess yang indicates how the balance between the Ying and Yang forces fluctuates from time to time or from event to event. The forces from the gravity of events may cause imbalances between the Ying and Yang, portraying the inconsistencies in our lives. After cutting and applying each mosaic piece on the substrate, I frequently paused, reflecting on how each piece foretold a moment in my life. I began to process and re-interpret each moment, environment, emotion, language, factor, intention and outcome. I was puzzled to categorise the mysterious piece and did not assign the piece to any collection for some time in 2022. My fascination and growing curiosity over how harmony and energy fluctuate correspondingly with emotions inspired me to reflect on my findings from the Ying and Yang piece by creating another art piece that spiralled deeper into processing emotions and producing much smaller mosaic pieces. The ‘James Webb Space Telescope and a Universe of Emotions’ art piece was created after the Ying and Yang piece, cultivating more curiosity and enquiry for further investigation. I continued to process and link my findings to other channels in my creations, leading to musical composition and poetry. I added the Ying and Yang piece under my Celestial Collection.

yin ying yang yan jay horan mosiac collage handcraft artwork a streaming domainyin ying yang yan jay horan mosiac collage handcraft artwork a streaming domain