flow of the moon cover for dossiers of solace talesflow of the moon cover for dossiers of solace tales



༻ open portals ༺

༻ open ancient domains ༺

welcome to my website and art channels,

a navigation ✧ and sensorial journal ✧ experience.

i create experiential projects applying traditional and contemporary methodologies,

✧ transforming scientific interpretations into artwork, music, literature and film. i journalise my ✧

projects and publish the research outputs at academic and community events. i experiment with creative

mediums to process and reprocess emotions and interpretations from life experiences, dreams, artefacts,

cultures, folklore, symbols, the sciences and natural environments. intercepting patterns, enigmas and

findings driven by curiosity, inquiry and learning from travelling, expeditions, and unconventional

discoveries. adventures inspire me to demystify and communicate transdisciplinary fusions

of intangible artefacts and keys between the far east and the far west. the creative

freedom enables me to experiment with the creative process, producing

interweaving means in my creative projects. my creative freedom

is journalised in publications and research outputs. you

are welcome to navigate and explore my art

channels and correlated collections.


i sustain what i engrain

jay horan